The Seefeld Gin Company





It’s been only less than a couple years since Xu Kunming and Andreas Kloke decided to buy out the 4 Tiere bar in Zurich Kreis 4, but it has quickly built its reputation for being one of the best gin bars in the city. With over 300 unique bottles of gin, 4 Tiere is the perfect place for gin enthusiasts to indulge.

In addition to the impressive gin collection, Xu and Andreas bring extensive knowledge of the spirit. Weekly gin workshops are offered, where participants get to learn about the history of gin and train their palates while sampling an impressive carefully curated selection of gins.

Xu Kunming: Co-Owner at 4 Tiere Bar, Zurich

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Favorite Cocktail: Negroni. As a classic cocktail, I love the old school appeal and simplicity of combining gin with amaro and bitters

What made you get started in bartending?  At the very beginning my dream was to become a sommelier, but somehow I gave it up. I still find it very interesting and today it's cool that I can stand behind the bar and still be part of the wine & spirits industry.

What was the hardest part about launching 4 Tiere? Running any restaurant or bar business is very difficult in Zurich. Many places shut down quickly. The toughest time is the first three months when no one knows you.  Luckily, through the power of word of mouth, our Gin bar concept and high quality service made 4 Tiere become one of the best bars in Zurich. That said, we will never satisfied and always think about what can we do better. 


Industry Hero: Hidetsugu Ueno, Bar High Five in Tokyo, Japan – I am a big fan of Ueno, a pioneer in the Mixology world, best known for inventing and popularizing the ice diamond cubes. I am able to draw inspiration from the beautiful work and craftsmanship of Ueno, who looks for the perfect balance in his drinks by cutting each diamond ice cube by hand.

What do you do when not mixing epic cocktails? I like beautiful things such as watches, paintings, furniture, etc. I've been collecting wrist watches for many years, and as far as I see myself for a watch collector, I see myself as a watch lover. I spend time at different auctions, visiting watch museums, factories and exhibitions. I also work as staff writer for CTIME China; the best watch media outlet in china mainland. Besides from watches, I also like to play video games. It's the perfect way to relax and escape from reality.

On Seefelder Gin: I love the subtle touch of herbal from rosemary in the nose, which carries all the way through the palate and finish. When it comes to rosemary gins, Seefelder is the best one I know. Period. Niemand gin is also a nice one with ginger, but from the rosemary side, Seefelder is the best. 




 - 50ml Seefelder Gin No.8

 - 20ml Lillet rose

 - 10ml Pamplemousse rose  liqeuor

 - Dash of Morgentau bitter 7th Sense

 - Stir over ice with fresh rosemary

 - Garnish with grapefruit zest